Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rocky's Rocky Rendevous

Remember our squirrel friend? After nicknaming him 'Rocky' we've watched as he made our deck his favorite hang-out spot, sunbathing and eating acorns.

For a while Rocky was doing us no harm. But then he started to make himself a little too comfortable--soon the acorns weren't cutting it for him and he started chewing on our deck.


Annoying, but not a big deal. When that wasn't enough for his little appetite he started in on the lawnmower and ate through the gas cap. After this discovery we started shooing squirrels away.

And then, Rocky really crossed the line.

That is our grill cover, completely eaten through. Not cool.  

Mike started researching ways to rid our yard of the squirrels. Short of getting a pellet gun (which we quickly ruled out due to the inhumanity of the act) we weren't left with many options. Finally one of Mike's co-workers lent him his squirrel trap and it was game on. 

My parents came to visit this weekend and were provided with hours of entertainment as we loaded the trap and waited. It was definitely trial and error--many squirrels sniffed out the trap, picked up the peanuts and ran. Some would even enter the trap but it wouldn't shut! 

And then Rocky showed up. Big and fat, he strutted over to the cage like he owned the yard. All four of us held our breaths as he walked to the back of the cage, paused and BAM! The door came closing down.

It was embarrassing how loudly we cheered. Then it was time to release our little friend into another part of town. Mike went outside to get the trap and Rocky. Freaked. Out.

Some more trial and error as he figured out how to get to the cage without getting bitten. I just giggled and snapped pictures.

Mike released Rocky a few miles from our house and watched as he jumped the fence into someone else's yard. He's their problem now!

And you know what? We haven't seen a single squirrel since then.

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