Friday, August 27, 2010


So I've decided 'Wordless Wednesday's' are coming to an end.

I know, I know. SO upsetting, right?

The truth is I never got the hang of it. I had what I thought was one good idea for one week and just ran with it, but would always end up frantically trying to find something to post about Tuesday night at like 11:30 pm. And people, I need my beauty sleep or I get craannnkkky.

While discussing/whining over this dilemma at work the other day, it was brought to my attention that I probably didn't like the whole concept of 'Wordless Wednesday' because I like to talk. This is probably the most accurate reason for me jumping ship. The whole purpose of this blog is for me (and Mike, if he ever braves writing something again) to share stories; when I was posting some random picture I always felt like I wasn't getting the full effect because I didn't get to add my voice.

So farewell failed concept. We hardly knew you.

On a funnier note: Mike texted me while I was at work the other day to tell me there was a squirrel asleep on our back deck. Have you ever actually seen a squirrel sleep? When I got home he was so excited to tell me all about how he spotted the critter, kept waiting for him to wake up, tapped on the window. Nothing. He thought it was sick/dying/dead. He finally went outside to take the trash out, scared the bejesus out of the poor thing and it scampered off.

It's really not funny until you see the pictures:

I giggled for like a minute straight when I saw these. He's so out of place! His tiny paws are all stretched out in the sun!

This is our version of the squirrel's day in the sun:

That story may not be funny to you, but I guarantee it would have been a heck of a lot less funny if I didn't add any words to it.

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  1. hahahahahahaha, the words add so much to the story Deon


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