Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Icing on the Cake

Today we had our cake tasting. If I didn't love him and all that good stuff, I would marry Mike just to have a cake testing.

After a few failed attempts to contact local bakeries and while my eyes glazed over as I looked at pages of cake designs, we both realized something: we hate wedding cakes.

Enter Frostings:

That's right kids. The cupcakes are back.

Frostings is a local bakery in Richmond; I was drawn in because they offer gluten-free cupcakes as part of their daily menu. Score one for the wheat allergy.

I went on a mission and bought cupcakes for the girls in my office for opinions. They were a huge hit! Seriously, I love some baked goods. I have a discriminating palate, and these were disturbingly good.

We arranged our tasting and met today on my lunch hour. I expected a few bite-sized samples to pick on--instead, they let us pick 5 different, full-size cupcakes to taste. I don't think I've ever seen Mike smile that hard before.

The staff was really accommodating to my allergy and they were willing to make a special flavor request for us that they don't normally offer on the menu (wedding secret--can't release them all!) Best of all, they let us take home the leftovers.

Why can't every part of the wedding planning process be this delicious?

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