Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Should we call him Rocky?

When I was a little kid I remember this stray cat that jumped onto my Dad's lap every time he would sit on our back porch. We called him "Napper."

Well, Mike and I have our very own "Napper" but I'm not sure what to make of him.

Remember the squirrel who was sunbathing on our deck a few days ago? He was back again over the weekend. 

I was on my way outside to spray paint the bookcase and I saw him. I froze. And then I slowly made my way to the window with the phone so I could take a picture and send it to Mike, who was at work. There are a bunch of squirrels who prance around our yard on any given day, but I knew this was the same one.

I sent Mike the picture and then called him, erupting in giggles. I spent a few more minutes watching our little deck dweller and then it hit me: he was eating acorns laying down.

This squirrel is after my heart.

I tried to open the door to sneak up on Rocky Jr. and he turned around and looked at me.

I think we made a connection.

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