Monday, February 28, 2011


The Possanza's have joined the Costco cult.

When my parents were in town over the weekend I made my mom take me to the savings warehouse. As I perused the aisles I kept yelling "This is so much cheaper than the grocery store!" and "What savings!" After we checked out I decided to quit the dilly-dallying and join up. Of course I was wearing a sweatshirt and hadn't showered in two days so my ID picture is a winner.

As I walked into the kitchen with my 7 pounds of almonds and 6 heads of lettuce (not a joke) I gave Mike his card and waited for him to applaud me for signing us up. He just smiled and politely asked where I was planning on storing all of it.

Time for some reality...this is what our fridge currently looks like. And I barely bought anything.

Does Costco sell refrigerators?

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