Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Valentine's Day is such a silly holiday. Why do you need one day out of the year to celebrate your love? Give me a man who tells me they love me and treats me like a queen on any given day...oh wait. I already have one :)

Since Mike's birthday is the day before V-day the celebrations roll into one another. On top of that, I cannot think of one Valentine's Day in which Mike and I have actually spent it together. His work schedule always seems to get in the way, but he somehow manages to always make it memorable. One year he gave me Season 1 of MacGyver so I had another hunky man to spend the big day with.

FYI---I freaking love MacGyver.

So yesterday arrived and Mike left early in the morning to head to work. We have an agreement to not buy one another V-day presents but I had 2 cards I couldn't resist buying. I tried to hide one in his truck the night before but I couldn't wrangle the keys away from him without suspicion. Turns out he was hiding these in his truck:

I found them when I woke up later that morning. So delicious.

Let's not forget the 'wine for every holiday' theme I still have going from my wonderful bridesmaids.

Our first Valentine's Day as man and wife arrived and I pulled out the bottle--

Once I unwrapped it I realized it was FILLED with heart confettti, which made me smile and cringe at the same time.

I love this wine idea so much, still. It really makes each holiday we spend together memorable.

Tonight we had a delayed Valentine's Day celebration and I drank the entire bottle of wine by myself we enjoyed fine beverages and food as Mr. and Mrs. Possanza!

MacGyver image found here

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