Monday, February 14, 2011

Mikey P Grows Up

Yesterday was my wonderful husby's birthday.

I LOVE celebrating birthdays. I get it from my mom; I just want to make the most out of the special day for the people I care about most.

A few years ago I threw Mike a surprise party. I arranged for all of our friends to meet at a restaurant, got there early to decorate, ordered a cake. It was perfectly planned...until Mike had to get an emergency root canal on his birthday.

But he was a trooper and went along with my insistence to take him out to dinner, despite not being able to chew.

Look at that swollen face :(
That didn't stop me from continuing to make a big deal out of his birthday every year. But Mike is very modest. He doesn't like to be the center of attention or have anyone do anything for him. Through the years I've tried to consider this and tone down the celebrations and this time I think I achieved the perfect balance!

Mike got home from an exhausting night of work and collapsed onto the couch. I let him sleep even though I did pace around him until he woke up. Then I gave him his presents from me (which were thoughtful and amazing, duh).

I ran out to get him some birthday cupcakes

And we celebrated with some birthday cocktails.

The poor guy was exhausted. So I turned on the Simpsons DVD and he napped--I was anxious to do something more festive, but he just wanted to relax and the birthday boy has the final say.

Later in the day we went to Sticky Rice. We shared some Tots (which we never get and was a big treat for us on our new diets!)

And filled up on other delicious delicasies!

He tells me it was the perfect birthday. I just hope I can keep it up for the next 75+ years!

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