Monday, January 17, 2011

Pigs and Pucks

2011 has been a very busy year for us already; our social calendar has been packed! This weekend was no different as we headed to DC for a Capitals game!

The Caps tickets were one of my Christmas presents from Mike. We have been obsessed with hockey lately and I've never been to a game so I was way excited for this weekend. But we had another stop to make before the game: Honeypig.

Honeypig is a Korean barbecue that Chris and Lauren wanted to take us to. The place was packed and nothing was in English but man, did it smell delicious when we walked in!

Discounted meat?

Obviously stoked about the Honeypig

The concept is simple--pick a meat and someone comes and puts it on a grill at your table. I didn't really know what I was eating because the waitresses don't talk but I think I ate chicken and pork belly at some point.  I also had rice wine and some type of vodka...and mashed potatoes. And some apple salad. Basically, it was totally our type of place.

It was the craziest restaurant I have ever been to but the atmosphere and food were so great I can tell why it's so popular!

On Sunday we headed to DC--we spent the time before the game at the Greene Turtle, a bar across from the Verizon center. It was the place to be because it was Caps central!

After a stop at the team store (new shirt for me and a new hat for Mike!) we headed to our seats:

It is crazy how well we could see all the action. There really isn't a bad seat there!

I was embarrassingly excited

The game.was.awesome! Nothing really happened until the 3rd period when all heck broke loose and the Caps went on a 3 goal tear. It was so much fun being able to yell and cheer along with the crowd.

There is no one else I would have rather gone to the game with than Mike. He explains rules to me and high-fives me after a great play. And I'm not sure which one of us was more excited when we saw a player out on the concourse.

It was such a great weekend and a sure sign that 2011 is gonna be epic!

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