Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kristmas with Kenji

I've said it before: Christmas is not one of my favorite holidays. There is so much stress surrounding one day--buying presents, wrapping presents, decorating, baking. It's just too overwhelming for this girl.

The hardest thing about Christmas is buying all those presents! I love giving gifts but never know what to buy. And then you have the people who come out of the woodwork with a gift for you and you didn't plan on getting them anything! Stress central.

This year Mike and I decided to exchange gifts before we left to spend the holiday with family. I was stoked about what I bought him--a Cowboys flag, his favorite cartoon movie and some other random goodies. I even made him a card! Sure to be a hit.

But my husband is sneaky. For every occasion in which we have exchanged gifts throughout the course of our relationship, Mike has always bought me the most thoughtful and funny things. This year he really showed me up, considering the fact that he kept saying he had no clue what to buy me.

For starters, the card. Let's leave it at the fact that it made me teary-eyed. Inside the card I found this:

Caps tickets! I still haven't been to a game so I'm really excited!

I have been completely obsessed with hot chocolate lately and chocolate with weird stuff mixed in it. Apparently the boy listens to me :)

For anyone who works with me, you'll love this next one. I FREEZE in our office everyday. It's unbearable. But I won't be whining about the temperature anymore!

After opening all of these goodies I was feeling pretty lucky. But the best was yet to come--Mike laughed as he handed me something that "was meant to be a joke." Too bad it turned out to be my favorite gift.

That is a nutcracker. Named Kenji. And he's serving sushi.

Shown up, once again. Well played Mr. Possanza.


  1. Yeah! You finally get to go to a Caps game!! I am excited for you! I also love Mr. Kenji ;)

  2. Woohoo space heater! And I'll bet that sea salt chocolate is delicious.

  3. You're a lucky girl Mrs.Possanza!

  4. Impressive! Who knew Mickey was such a good shopper?

  5. Please tell me you will put Kenji in your pocket for the Caps game. He deserves to go.

  6. I'm glad to see Kenji is as popular with everyone else as he was with me! And yes Ms. Z, the space heater will be coming with me next week. Maybe the chocolate too...


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