Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ready to Fuel

At Christmas we received one of the best gifts ever:

Hellllooo Keurig. Or "coffee-bot" as we like to call him.

Every time we visit Mike's family we swoon over their Keurig. It may be the sole reason I started drinking coffee. If you aren't familiar with this amazing machine the concept is pretty simple.

You take one of these individual packets of coffee--

And put it in this little compartment--

There is something inside there that sticks a hole in the packet. Do you see the part where it warns you about not touching the very sharp needle? One of us didn't follow those instructions...

After that, you pick what size cup you want and push 'Brew'!

Being huge Wawa fans, every time one of us goes to make a cup we make the "Ready to Fuel" noise. Every time. Never stops making us laugh.

It's so easy. So convenient. No mess or spills or filters to clean. It's something as simple as this that makes me wonder why I couldn't come up with the idea!

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