Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Our pad got some new art.

I found this piece online and had to have it. It's a map of Metro Richmond, composed entirely of text that names major landmarks, interstates and major sections in our little city (mind the awful picture quality!)

I've spent a ton of time pouring over it and finding something new every time. It's quirky and nerdy so of course I'm gonna love it.

Mike doesn't usually have a lot to say about decorating but when he does it's pretty impressive. Our kitchen wall is massive and any artwork we looked at to fill the space was way too expensive.

Mike mentioned the artwork from the 'Friends' apartment and said we should find a poster of that style. This was our inspiration--

And these are what we found at good old Hobby Lobby--

For the cost of the two posters plus three frames we couldn't have found a single piece of art that would have looked as good as these do! What a steal!


  1. I read YoungHouseLove, too, you know. And someone will need an anniversary present soon. Just sayin' ... dang it.

    They all look great, by the way!

  2. Aww dang. No presents necessary! :)


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