Sunday, October 17, 2010

Making a house a home

For some reason my parents decided they wanted to visit this weekend and help with some projects around the house. Boy oh boy did we make them work!

My mom's project was curtains. I kept repeating "I can't believe how finished it looks in here with curtains!"

The bathroom:

Loooooveee this fabric.

And the kitchen:

Now our neighbors aren't getting any peeks into our house!
We also really needed to get things hung on the wall. I found this at Target and up it went above our bed!

I reprinted my favorite wedding and trash the dress picture and we hung those in the hallway, along with the framed wedding notes  -

My dad fixed lots of little stuff around the house, like door handles and the fence, but fixing the bed in our guest room means it's another finished room!

We also painted another room, which I am not discussing or posting about until it's done. Secrets secrets!

So much was accomplished this weekend! We totally owe my parents big time for all their help and for the extra motivation to just. get. moving.

It's great to look around and see finished projects and it definitely feels a lot cozier in here now :)

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  1. ...and you said nobody would notice the hems...


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