Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wish-y Washy

We opted not to have a traditional guest book at our wedding because it seemed silly to have everyone sign something proving they came to our wedding. My parents got the bar bill; we know you were there ;)

Instead, we left out slips of colored paper and asked everyone to make a wish for us. This was definitely one of my favorite things. I sat on our kitchen floor the day after the wedding and read all of the notes and was reminded yet again how sweet and funny all of our family and friends are. From my cousin Leah wishing that we find a dog that won't eat us to Weston wishing that we name our first son after him, to family members offering their advice and words of wisdom on a happy marriage, it was so fun to read everything.

Another reason we chose not to have a guest book was because we knew we would never open it after the wedding. So, I took some of our favorites wishes and framed them so we would always be able to look back at the notes from our guests:

Love that one!

Now we just need to figure out where to hang more excuses for not having time to decorate!


  1. Totally missed this at the wedding...:-( Very cute though, and totally agree with you. Our guest book has one page filled out, and is in a box in the attic...

  2. Oh, I just remembered what I scribbled in my somewhat tipsy state. And my wish hasn't come true yet.


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