Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stick it.

I have lots of allergies. When you have allergies, you get allergy shots--unless you want to be a sniffly, sneezy mess all the time.

I've been getting allergy shots for about 3 years. A few weeks ago a nurse asked me if I would like to learn how to administer the shots myself so I didn't have to keep coming into the office. Apparently it would save me some money too, which I am all for.

Today was my 'teaching appointment' and I brought Mike with me. They suggest bringing someone else to learn the process (you know, in case you chicken out) and since my hubby is all into the medical stuff I am golden. We walked into the room and there were needles everywhere. I broke out into hysterical laughter--Mikey boy sighed.

The nurse started going over the info and everything seems cool until she hands us the needles and says "Ok! Let's do some shots!" Not my favorite type of shots, lady.

I know Mike didn't sign on for this when he married me, but he stepped up and gave me the first shot in the arm. The second one was all me--I have 5 tattoos; needles don't scare me. I grabbed it and stuck it into my leg. Then we high-fived. Bonding time for the Possanza's.

So I'm stocked up:

Needles and Epi Pens

Tracking sheet

The bad stuff. Refrigeration is a must!

Clean it up!

It's sure to be an adventure. Our life just keeps getting more and more exciting!

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