Monday, August 30, 2010


There’s something about a good necklace that makes my heart flutter. I will constantly ask for them as gifts for my birthday, Christmas, anniversaries (*wink wink nudge nudge honey!*) Remember my last jewelry voyage? It did not end well, financially speaking. I truly believe that the right necklace can complete a look—this is total girl-logic and pretty much the only way I can justify owning dozens of them, so let’s roll with it, ok?

I’m always on the hunt for necklaces. I have no shame in asking a complete stranger where they found that strand of pearls that caught my eye from across the room. So when Kristen walked into work a few months ago wearing this strand of blue crystals that mysteriously tied into a knot, I was on the attack.

Me: “Where did you buy that?!? I LOVE IT!”

Her: “My Mom made it for me.”


Every single time that girl wore that necklace I would stare at it. I wanted it. I commented on it every single time. “Oh, you’re wearing THE necklace today.”

I came into work the other day and Kristen handed me this:

Talk about a heart flutter!!!

Her dear, sweet mom had made me the beloved necklace.

I am in love.

I want to wear it everyday, everywhere. I know you probably don’t understand. It’s ok.

All I know is that this necklace and I were meant to be together.

Girl-logic goes a long way.

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