Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Adventures of Adrianne and Jordan

Libbie and I had a girl's night last night and decided to hit up the piano bar.

I love going to the piano bar because it always makes me feel young. Every time we go we are undoubtedly the youngest people and there's always a bunch of characters, so all we can do is sit back and laugh. This time there was a 40th birthday party--we were immediately excited at the potential.

For the record, this is what Libbie and I look like now:

And this will be us in 15 years:

That woman LIVED. IT. UP. She was on stage whenever she could grab the tambourine, which I thought was cute at first. After her rendition of 'Baby Got Back' I was over it.

Things just got weirder because that crowd was rowdy!

Erinn, this girl reminded me of you! She was from West Virginia too!

Notice, no one in our age range. But the man in his 60's was requesting 'Crazy' by Gnarles Barkley. It was so strange.

So how did my dear Zabeth and I manage to fit in with this crowd of rowdy hooligans?


We paid our tabs around midnight and went outside to wait for our cab. I was feeling just fine, until Libbie decided we needed "one more shot for the road." Is that ever a good idea? The bartender ended up giving us an extra shot, which Libbie gave to some severely confused man who looked more pained by the gesture than thankful for it.

We walked outside and I promptly started a dance party in the parking lot. Libbie decided to warn me there was a cop right behind us, but then she just joined in. Somehow this picture came next on the camera:

Maybe the cop wasn't enjoying the parking lot party and asked us to stop?

While still waiting/dancing, we were approached by a young gentleman. I remember immediately saying "I AM SO MUCH OLDER THAN YOU." The young man asked where we went to school--we both laughed. He was 20. 20 YEARS OLD, PEOPLE.

As our cab finally turned the corner, Nick asked for our names:



He may have made us feel old. But we got the last laugh.


  1. 3 things:
    1. I'm not 40.
    2. I am from WV.
    3. My dad wanted to name me Adrianne.

  2. Oh, and 4. Was Libbie the Jordan? Because when I read that it reminded me of the movie "Cocktail" when Elisabeth Shue's name is Jordan. And Libbie kinda looks like her, so that made sense to me :)

  3. The 40 year old didn't remind me of you--the girl in the picture did! She was the life of the party and led the place in 'Country Roads.'

    And yes. She was Jordan.

  4. Well that makes me feel so much better :) Thanks for the clarification!


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