Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I love owning a house during the holidays, especially on Halloween!!

Last year we had a handful of trick-or-treaters and way too much leftover candy. Buying candy and figuring out how much to give each kid is very stressful! What if no kids come? What if you run out?

This year I bought two bags: one of Mike's favorite candy and one of mine. My logic is we would enjoy any leftovers and I didn't spend a fortune.

Well we got a ton of kiddos this year!!! Probably 25-30? And all within an hour! My favorite was little Buzz Lightyear in full gear; he was sooooo cute!

I do not appreciate the high schoolers who ring the doorbell and 1) Aren't wearing costumes and 2) Don't say a word! You need to earn that candy! Next year I'll turn the porch light off after 7:30 to avoid these hooligans. I was telling Mike my plan when he informed me he trick-or-treated until he was 18!!! Shameful; at least I stopped in 9th grade and even that was pushing it.

Brooksy truly is my dog because he loved Halloween!

I tried to tie a bandana on him to make him 'Punk Rock Puppy' but he was not having it. Instead he sat by the door and watched all the sweet ghosts and goblins running up and down the street and greeted them with lots of licks when they rang the doorbell.

Best holiday ever!

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