Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sumo Dog

Yesterday was another vet appointment for the B man. He loves going! He sat patiently and listened to all the noises but still went berserk when the nurse came in. We tried helplessly to get him to 'sit' or 'stay' (both commands he practices daily) but since we weren't the ones with the treats our pleas went ignored.

Since his last visit, Brooksy has gained 7 POUNDS. That's like 2.5 pounds a week! We have a 27 pound 3 month old puppy. The vet said he's growing well and expected to see the increase since we were feeding him more. So imagine my surprise when he told us to change his feedings to 2 cups, twice a day! Who are we raising: Clifford?!

But we love and trust our vet and he's a great sounding board for all our questions. So if our big fat lil' man needs more food, more food he shall get.

Plus now B has all the shots he needs to join puppy kindergarten and go to dog parks. Time to get social!

Update: I fed Brooksy his first meal of 2 cups this morning and it lasted 45 seconds as opposed to his normal 30 second wolf-down. Progress!!!

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