Sunday, October 30, 2011

Making it happen

Gosh I love Halloween.

Somehow we managed to pull costumes together before going out last night.

Mike went as Alex Ovechkin, which worked because he owns the hockey gear and was wearing MY jersey. We found some black wax for his missing tooth and the costume was born. Total cost= $3 for the wax.

I decided to return to my roots and dress as the high-school version of myself, which was goth/punk. I have long ago tossed all the clothes I wore back then but found some pants for $3 at the thrift store and added some $2 chains to them. Already owned everything else so total cost = $5. Also it was way way too much fun dressing like this again.....

We met up with Matt and Dawn

And Alex and Becca. I've known Alex for many years and every Halloween he wears the exact same costume

And it terrifies me every year!

Becca dressed as Betty Boop and definitely wins the best costume award --

She threw that together yesterday morning and that's a Michael Jackson wig she manipulated. Unbelievable!!

I love that I have friends that go all out for my favorite holiday.

Great night with great people!!

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