Sunday, September 25, 2011


We made it through our first day/night with Brooksy! And yes, we know he is huge--18 lbs 2 oz. to be exact. His feet are enormous so we are in for an adventure!

The first night was actually ok; he whined a bit but settled down shortly after we went to bed. However, we made a rookie mistake and let him out at 5:30 am and we paid for it because he wouldn't let us get back to sleep. Lesson learned!

He is a lot more energetic today and we're starting to learn his personality, like how he loves to sleep on the air vent. Enjoy it while it lasts because you ain't gonna fit there much longer!

Today we hosted 'Puppybowl' and invited friends over to watch football and meet our little furball.

Aunt Libbie was excited

And we had lots of yummy food, my favorite of which were these 'Scooby Snack' graham crackers!!

Brooksy behaved pretty well around all the new people and spent some time making friends.

However, Aunt Dawn is his new favorite person because she brought him this football chew toy (how appropriate for 'Puppybowl'!!)

He seriously cannot get enough of this thing. It's as big as him and he just totes it around everywhere.

So far so good!!

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