Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Somebody just let me lay down

^^^^^ That title pretty much says it all. I am so very tired.

I've received a lot of advice over the years and two bits have really stuck with me:

1) Live with someone before you get married.

2) Have a puppy before you have babies.

Mike and I lived together after we got engaged, but I think it still counts. At least we both realized each other's secret home lives before tying the knot. It was definitely an adjustment!!

The puppy though…he is another story.

Yes, he is cute. He's also a giant blob that needs to be molded and it’s up to us to raise him to be a normal dog. We want him to be well-behaved and accepted into other people's homes--that takes a lot of work!!

I'm not naive. I knew getting a dog would change our lifestyle. But I'm also a creature of routine so waking up at 4 am everyday just so I have time to let Brooksy out, play with him and get ready for work is tough. He wants to play while I'm trying to put make-up on. He doesn't get why I don't want him eating my hairbrush.

We're lucky because he already has an understanding that he needs to use the bathroom outside, but I cannot believe how often B-man (that's my nickname for him) needs to go outside! That tiny tank fills up quickly! He also doesn't get how steps work so we've had to carry him up and down the deck stairs. Reminder: he weighs 18 pounds. Ask to check out my biceps next time you see me.

You know what else is exhausting? Chasing a puppy around the house. We follow him everywhere to make sure he's behaving, and it's doubly-exhausting when one of us is alone.

And he wants to eat everything. I'm convinced he only does this when I'm in charge because he is the perfect angel around Mike. But heaven forbid he acts like that around me: I've definitely had to check my infamous temper at the door because while I know he is learning and doesn't understand what I'm saying, I can only say "LEAVE IT" so many times before I feel the steam coming from my ears!

The whole experience is like having an infant in the house. But he is just so darn cute. It makes it all worth it.

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