Saturday, September 24, 2011

And puppy makes three

We did it! Puppy was transported back to our house safely.

The ride home was admittedly a lot easier than we both expected considering little man spent the whole car ride in my lap, like this:

We decided on a name and it is.......Brooksy! Named after one of our favorite Washington Capitals players, Brooks Laich.

Mike and I both anticipated the typical puppy problems: housebreaking, whining, car sickness on the ride home. So far so good! The pup already has some house training and has warmed up to us with ease. No whining and no car sickness. I seriously love the breeders; cannot thank them enough for all their help!

Brooksy doesn't know what the heck a leash is and after living on a farm for the first 2 months of his life he seems terrified of pavement. We tried to take him on a walk and confusion ensued.

However, 2 of our neighbors were out and we chatted them up for the first time while convincing our dog that the middle of the street was not the best place for him to lay down.

Apparently being a puppy is exhausting, since we've seen a lot of this all day:

We have had a few minutes of playtime

But it just seems to cause more napping.

Love our new fur baby!

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  1. What a sweetie! Can't wait to meet Mr. Brooksy!


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