Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Great Pumpkin Chase

People, I have a problem. I am a hoarder.

A few weeks back I started thinking about pumpkins; it’s already well-known that I love Halloween so the fact that I was thinking about pumpkins in August shouldn’t be odd.

After deciding to make pumpkin oatmeal I went to the grocery store and they didn’t have any canned pumpkin. Thinking it was out-of-stock I checked back a few days later and still nothing. This is when I learned it’s a seasonal item and that there was a shortage last year and stores stopped carrying it. Commence pumpkin panic.

All I could think about were the delicious treats I was missing out on. I scoured stores for weeks thinking it had to arrive soon. There are already Christmas decorations in Costco - where is my pumpkin?!

Today I was in Target and there it was in all its orange-velvety goodness. I may have let out a small yelp and started grabbing the cans off the shelf.

Here’s the thing: I want to be embarrassed by the fact that I cleared the shelf of all but 2 cans.

But I’m not! I should have bought more!

Tomorrow morning I will finally get my pumpkin oatmeal. Now if only Halloween would come sooner…


  1. Be sure you get some later in the season and keep it on your shelf for the coming year and pumpkin cravings in, oh, May. I did that last fall and it worked out for me :)


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