Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Irene is mean

Forgive my absence: it's been a crazy week! Never thought I’d be reporting on two natural disasters in one week but here goes!

Again, we are safe after Hurricane Irene blew through Richmond this weekend. We’d already been through a hurricane in college (when we lost power for 3 weeks!) so we prepared for the worst. To say grocery stores were a madhouse is an understatement - I grabbed literally the last pack of bottled water after work Friday. Mike got home Saturday morning and we hunkered down.

The worst of the storm was expected Saturday night but it rained all day long. The wind blew like crazy. I watched as the trees in our backyard tottered dangerously over our little house. Our power flickered and went out for good around 4pm.

I am so happy Mike was home. I swear to you, I have the greatest husband in the world. I tend to freak out when we lose power and within minutes of us going dark he had a board game out and was playing music on his phone. We planned dinner with a back-up approach in case we didn't have appliances. Thank goodness for our grill!!

Reason #1,208 why I love Mike:

Just grilling in the middle of a hurricane. No big deal.

Dinner was delicious (even though we couldn't see it!)

And we entertained ourselves with some more board games (PS-Mom, Mike is a ringer at Rummy-O!!) and other time wasters

Sunday was not a good day for me. Mike left for work and I was alone without power. Estimated time of restoration was 2 WEEKS. I tried to keep busy with shopping, hanging out at a nearby grocery store and even going for a run – which was a terrible idea because there wasn't air conditioning to come home to!!

By the afternoon I had a mini panic attack and was pacing around the house. I met some friends for drinks, grabbed dinner at Whole Foods and hit the hay early. Miraculously, our power was restored at 1:30 Monday morning!!

After looking at pictures of the damage I realize how extremely fortunate we were. No real damage to our yard or house. The only real loss we suffered were some dairy products in our fridge. Other Richmonders haven’t been so lucky:

Please send thoughts and prayers and hopes that no more damage occurs as our beloved city rebuilds.

One thing’s for sure: Hurricane Irene sucked.

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