Thursday, September 1, 2011


Last Friday I volunteered at the USO in the Richmond Airport. My work occasionally provides us with volunteer opportunities so along with Katie  I signed up for the morning shift.

The USO provides a lounge area at the airport for members of the military to visit while they are on layovers from traveling. In the lounge are leather recliners, couches, computers, televisions and a fully-stocked kitchen for their use.

As soon as I heard about the opportunity I knew I would enjoy it. Our duties included making food and stocking supplies/sorting donations. We spent the better part of the morning chatting with other volunteers about the organization and I was shocked to hear it is almost funded 100% by donations!

There weren't many visitors until lunchtime when a wave of very young men arrived, looking for free food. Katie and I made lots of hot dogs and grilled cheese – as disgusting as I’m sure the food tasted each service member thanked us and called us ‘ma’am’! They were all so genuinely grateful for the hospitality and the opportunity to see a friendly face.

I was grinning through our entire shift; it was so rewarding to assist with such a great cause. I’m definitely going to sign up for the next chance to volunteer!

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