Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Running on Empty

It seems like we are constantly running from one event to the next!

While I begrudgingly went back to work this week, my darling hubby headed back to the beach for more fun in the sun. His family is spending this week in NC, just a few houses away from the Captain’s Cottage.

Since he’s in the middle of 20 DAYS OFF FROM WORK (hate him yet?) he decided to stock up on beach time. I’m jealous I couldn’t tag along!

Especially when I’m not there to see this in person!!!

Lauren I stole your picture :) It's just too cute!

The main reason I couldn’t snag some more vacation time? I have to take off work on Friday because we’re headed up to NOVA for Michelle’s wedding!

I’m in the wedding and will be busy from the instant we arrive. Mike has willingly accepted the roles of personal chauffeur/teary-eyed wedding guest/dance partner.

The bridesmaid dresses are super cute but I had mine altered before we left for the beach and tried it on again last night…gonna be a tight squeeze!

Side note: Jillian was very upset with me on Monday morning. She wanted to know why I was MIA for the past week and what I had done to myself. She made me pay for it and every part of my body issore!

Off to make some more plans!

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