Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Calcanos

Michelle and Danny are married!

Mike and I left for NOVA Friday morning--I spent the day getting a mani/pedi with the bride and later in the day we went to the church for the rehearsal. The rehearsal took a long time and it was well over 80 degrees inside. By the end of it we were all ready for a drink!

Good thing the rehearsal dinner was at a gorgeous vineyard!

We were treated to a wine tasting and yummy Greek food

And even got to sit with the bride and groom!

Such a fun time and a great lead into the wedding!


Saturday morning came early. I was in a chair getting my hair done by 8 am but it was fun spending the morning with all the girls.

Wedding days go by so quickly, even when it's not yours! Before we realized it was time to shovel down some lunch, get dressed and walk to the church.

It was so so so hot on Saturday. The church was scorching. But it was filled with so much love and laughter no one seemed to notice the heat.


Michelle looked stunning!! I heard gasps as she walked down the aisle. My eyes filled with tears! 

The ceremony was beautiful and ended with the announcement of Mr. and Mrs. Calcano!

Onto the reception!

Where they made us sit with these kids ;)

Lots of dances

And a clear view of the newlyweds

We ate some more delicious food and I had wedding cake for the first time in years! So delicious!

Some dancing happened--Mike and I tore up the dance floor!

Garter and bouquet tosses came next

And I snagged one last picture with the new Mrs. Calcano

What a wonderful wedding. We wish Danny and Michelle love and happiness!

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