Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Herby Hancock

(Can you tell Mike has been picking out post titles lately?)

While we were in Alabama it was crazy hot in Virginia. So hot that we came home to some major plant growth.

A few weeks back we planted an herb garden and tomato bush. The cilantro and basil have been flourishing and when we got back Monday we were faced with this:

We have been happily snipping fresh herbs for some time now but I have never seen them flower before!

We're still holding out hope that the jalapeƱos (middle plant) will bloom but so far no luck.

But look what DID finally bloom!


I may have been doing a happy tomato dance as I plucked these off our little tree. They were so fresh and delicious I will never buy tomatoes from the store again!

Cross your fingers for our jalapeƱos!


  1. You need to pinch off the flowers to promote more growth

  2. They got snipped as soon as we saw them!


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