Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lock Out

Boy oh boy has it been a trying few days. You know when you feel like the fates are against you and just about everything goes wrong? That’s my vibe lately.

It started when my brand new computer decided it just didn’t want to work anymore. Nothing my computer geek hubby has done can revive it, so hopefully I can send it back to the manufacturer for a tune-up. Today I found out my car is being recalled. Again.

And then my teeth started to hurt--so much so that I made an appointment. When I called they said I haven’t had a check-up since 2007… don’t judge me. So off I go tomorrow to find out my mouth is rotting away or something equally gross.

I started to exercise in the morning and eat a better breakfast to see if that would get my days off to a better start. This has just resulted in making me hungry all day long.

Add all this to the endless bad hair days and the unexpected bills that keep appearing; needless to say I’ve been in a funk. That’s the only word I can think of to accurately describe my mood. Not happy, not sad. Just funked-out.

I was pondering all this as I left the house this morning. I locked the doorknob and pulled it behind me and immediately realized I didn’t have my keys. Some swear words followed as I tried to open the windows, back door, anything. Everything was locked (because I’m paranoid and double-check that stuff nightly) so I was out on the curb. Literally.

I know what you’re thinking and no, we don’t have a spare house key or car key hidden anywhere. I always thought it was too risky but I might think twice about it now.

Of course Mike had already left for work which is not nearby and he can’t just leave whenever he wants. I debated walking to work (yeah right!) before I realized I still wouldn’t have a way to get into the house later. Thank goodness I had my phone! I bit the bullet and called my dear sweet Mike and begged him to come home to let me in.

Thankfully he was able to leave work but coming from downtown at 8 am = not speedy. I perched on our stoop to wait.


I used my time to do some light gardening and found this little spider web.


I even had a book in my bag – you should definitely check out Keith Richards’ Life. Crazy stuff.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t 80 degrees out and I wasn’t wearing long sleeves. But my knight in shining armor husband arrived and saved the day. It’s becoming pretty obvious that I need him to survive, isn’t it?

So lesson learned: keep a spare key nearby. And if all else fails just laugh at yourself because it sure is a good way to snap out of that funk  :)

Image found here

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