Monday, May 30, 2011

DC Dipsey-Doodle

Mike and I just returned from a pretty intense road trip. Me and him, my parents and my brother and sister-in-law drove to Alabama and back. My cousin graduated from high school and it was a family reunion of sorts so we headed South for the party.

For those counting it's a 13 hour road trip, both ways. So 26 hours in the car total. And we're all alive to tell the tale. It truly is a miracle.

My parents came up from Nova on Thursday night. Chaos ensued from the beginning as my brother called to tell me the rental agreement for the minivan fell through and we might have to find a car in Richmond to rent. Fortunately we got it all straightened out, drank some wine, ate some leftovers and went to bed. Mike got home from work Friday morning and the four of us headed to our meet-up point in Blacksburg.

The enthusiasm did not last long 

We drove down windy country roads and caught up with one another.

Four hours down and we met up with my brother and Erinn who drive the awesome minivan down from West Virginia.

We were all in good spirits as we started the 8 hour + trip to Birmingham. We came prepared with DVD's, board games and cards. That helped for about 2 hours.

These were my brother's.

Side note to my wonderful mother and father-in-law: the card game '5 Crowns' that you gifted us at Christmas is awesome. Mike is terrible at it but I am a ringer!

About 6 hours (10 total) into the trip we got a little insane.

Around this time my Dad decided to share a story with all of us from his earlier days. Apparently he used to own a CB radio to communicate with truckers while he was on the road. When we asked if he had a handle that he went by, he informed us his name was 'DC Dipsey-Doodle.' WHAT. I don't even know. I thought I was going to die of laughter.

We arrived in Alabama around 8 PM CT and met up with our family for a little pre-graduation gathering!

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