Monday, May 16, 2011

Appliances do not convey

When we bought our house we were pretty naive. Don't get me wrong; I LOVE our house and wouldn't have chosen another. But our house is about 15 years old and things have aged. Mostly it's nothing a coat of paint and some nails can't handle but repairs are still required. We were proud of our homeownership skills until the appliances started to fight back.

First it was the washer and dryer. I'm still too scarred to talk about that experience. Then a few weeks ago Mike was emptying the dishwasher and said "There's still food on this...." Last year we had a hiccup with the dishwasher so I felt the impending doom.

We tried cleaning the filters, changing soaps, washing the dishes before we loaded them--nothing helped. It was to the point where it was useless to even run it because nothing was getting cleaned. So back we went to HH Gregg. We found a dishwasher we liked and would you believe it: we forgot to measure. Again. The salesman tried to tell us they are all the same size but the Possanza's are only fooled once. Back we went to the house to measure and back we went to HH Gregg.

We walk in and Mike goes "We might as well get a stove while we're here too."

Mind you, there is nothing wrong with our stove. It's just old. But we're so over having to deal with all this appliance nonsense that it made more sense to replace it and the hood now instead of four months from now. Call us crazy but it made sense to me.

Everything got delivered Saturday (when I was out of town....I told you all our weekends are busy!) and all day long I got excited updates from Mike. The general message was that our kitchen is now 'epic.'

I have to say I agree:

Tell me you aren't drooling right now.

I'm so excited about these appliances. I've wanted a flat top stove forever and now I don't have to worry about the wonky burners spilling everywhere. And I love that you can see into the oven. And our dishwasher is wicked quiet.

The little things really excite me.


  1. we have that dishwasher, I think. Whirlpool Gold?? It's awesomeeeeeee :)

  2. Nice! I am drooling, actually.

  3. Can't wiat until we see them in ACTION!


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