Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shred Head

Today marks the end of my 30 Day Shred experiment.

Yes, I realize it has been way over 30 days since I started. That’s because I did it every other day, with a few occasions in which I went 2 days in between workouts. And I didn’t keep exact track of how many days it’s been, but I picked today as when I think I have completed 30 sessions—just pretend, ok?
I do not look like this.
This wasn’t easy for me. Forget the fact that I am crazy out of shape and each level made me realize this more and more—I just hate exercising. I hate sweating and how sore it makes you and how easy the people in the video make it seem. Every day I would try to think of a reason to skip it: I was sick, I had to work late, dinner smelled too good to wait to eat it…the list goes on.

But the point is this: I finished. I didn’t take any measurements before I started and you better believe I’m not posting ‘before and after’ pictures, but I’ve noticed some change. I feel like there came a point in which I hit a plateau and no change came after that, but Mike says I look different. I notice that things jiggle less--that’s enough of a result for me. 

Things may have progressed differently if I had followed the strict diet plan they recommend or if I did the workouts every day instead of every other. Or if I didn’t often think “I just worked out for 20 minutes—now I can eat ice cream.” But I picked what worked for me and rolled with it.

I’m pretty proud of myself for reaching my goal. I think I’ll actually stick with it—the beach is only a few months away!

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