Saturday, March 26, 2011

If the glass slipper fits

I'm a big VCU basketball fan. Some of my favorite memories from college involved going to the games--our team was pretty good and it was a great way to spend time with friends.

The night the Rams won the 2007 CAA tournament we rushed the court and I hugged Eric Maynor. When he hit 'The Dagger' against Duke the city went freaking crazy. I spent most of that night high-fiving strangers and singing VCU chants. Basketball has definitely provided me with some of my best moments while living here.

Like any good fan I'm intense on game day. I cringe at missed shots and don't like close games which doesn't make me fun to be around. So when VCU made it to the NCAA tournament this year I decided to just have fun with it and enjoy the run. And what a run it's been!  

Last night VCU played against Florida State in the Sweet Sixteen. Our team is considered a 'Cinderella team' since we rarely make the tournament and have never made it this far. We went to Libbie and Weston's to watch the game:

'VCU Rams'---Get it?

Our last few games haven't been close and I've enjoyed laughing and cheering with no fear of losing. But last night was a tight game and the reality of losing quickly set in. I spent most of the night like this:

As the game went into overtime we turned into this:

It was intense (as you can see) but in the end VCU won by a point with 7 seconds left! We all cheered and hugged and stood in disbelief at what had just happened. College basketball can be such an emotional rollercoaster but you gotta love the ride while you're on it!

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