Sunday, March 13, 2011

Paint the Town Green

Yesterday we headed to Richmond's St. Patrick's Day festival--'Shamrock the Block.'

All of downtown is blocked off with lots of live music and crazy green festivities. Mike and I met up with some friends and bar-hopped our way through the day. I completely suck at remembering to take pictures and only managed to snap these two gems:

Highlight of the day: we were waiting to pay our tab when Mike points out a set of twins who play in a cover band around town. For some reason they fascinate me. So when they approach the bar Mike starts talking to them--I, of course, cannot even make eye contact. They were pretty nice dudes; it turns out one of them actually lives by us! Small world.

Later in the day we headed to our friends Sadler and Maggie's house for dinner. We've been having little potluck dinners lately so we all get to see one another and this one was a classy affair.

Maggie showed off her harp skills--yes, I know someone who plays the harp.

Toby loved our company--

And we actually sat at a table with real plates!

Of course the entire night wasn't pure class:

I mean, what's St. Patty's Day without a little shenanigans?

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