Friday, March 11, 2011

Is there anything Target can't do?

Can we talk about the wine cube?

What is the wine cube? Well, it's a little slice of heaven, that's what it is.

Apparently, Target caught on that not all of us can finish an entire bottle of wine in one sitting and came up with a solution. Classier than most boxed wine, they offer discounted wine in convenient packaging.

After hearing nothing but good things about 'the cube' I bought the cab-sauv tonight. I opted for the smaller version, which I discovered is even more delightful.

It comes in individual packets!

Does this not look like a giant juice box? No, I did not stick a straw in it. But I did pour it into a glass and it was a very hearty serving. And the wine was actually good!

You never cease to amaze me Tar-Jay.

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