Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Manliest cake ever

We've been crazy busy lately but I've failed to blog or take any pictures to document our travels. Total fail.

Last Saturday we headed to Arlington to celebrate our friend Nate's birthday. We played Mario Kart, watched movies and went out to dinner--where the waitress failed to place my order and I ended up eating after everyone else, of course. You know I got that meal for free.

After dinner I remembered we hadn't taken any pictures so I whipped out the self-timer function and forced everyone into some photo ops:

Camera fail--yet again. I tried.

Nate and his wife Katryn are like, gourmet chefs. And I am not kidding. They make crazy delicious food. Being a good wife, Katryn asked Nate what type of cake he would like for his birthday. His answer? Strawberry with kiwi icing. Uh...what?

Katryn was telling me this as she was pulling the cake out of the fridge and as soon as I saw it I burst into laughter:

It was so girly. We teased Nate relentlessly (after serenading him with 'Happy Birthday' of course) but then we tasted the cake and it was scrumptious. Of course Katryn shrugs off our compliments and said it's just something she "whipped up" because really, is there an existing recipe for this?

But my favorite part was when Nate saw his cake.

After seeing this picture we had even more reason to tease him :)

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