Sunday, January 23, 2011

I forgive you.

Today I went to David's Bridal to order my bridesmaid dress for an upcoming wedding. I was hesitant to walk into that store after my experience looking for a wedding dress. I know it's a chain and the majority of brides get their dress from there, which is why my Mom insisted we check it out. I agreed and wish I hadn't!

I hate the fact that it's always crowded in there. I hate that you have to have an appointment just to step through the doors. I hate that brides insist on bringing every female they know along with them. I hate that the 'consultants' come into the dressing room with you while you change. I hate that they sell your information to every possible solicitor. Needless to say, I did not purchase my dress from David's Bridal.

However, the bridesmaid dress I was buying is really cute--they do have a big selection and it's really convenient that they have so many locations. So I arrived for my 12:00 appointment today a few minutes before they opened and once they did it was mass hysteria. People rushing through the doors, lots of excited giggles and picture-taking, "Going to the Chapel" blaring over the speakers. It was my hell. I realized how incredibly happy I was to already be married and to be done with this whole process.

I waited a few minutes after I was told they were locating my dress. No one came back to get me. I asked for help and a nice saleswoman guided me over to the dresses and told me to help myself. So basically you need an appointment just to reserve a dressing room? More eye-rolling from me.

But here's the whole point of this story: I brought two different sizes to try on. One was the same size as my wedding dress and one was the next size up. I brought the smaller size as a little wishful thinking. And I'll be damned--IT FIT.  This is monumental because I recently tried on my wedding dress and didn't even come close to zipping it up. But not this time--you better believe I fist-pumped it out in that dressing room and even let out a little "YEAH!"

So thank you David's Bridal. I needed this small victory and never thought you would be the one to provide it.

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  1. David's Bridal is THE DEVIL. I got my dress and bridesmaids' dresses there- and let me tell you, I will turn every bride-to-be that I can away from that Seventh Layer of Hell. They gave me the wrong info about my dress, gave me the wrong info over the phone resulting in a 2-hour drive to the store where they were going to make me pick up my dress and then make ANOTHER 2-hour trip down there to get measured for alterations- when the brain surgeon I talked to over the phone said, "No appointment needed." My bridesmaids threw a fit on my behalf and they measured me then, but that resulted in $250 worth of "free" alterations. My budget-friendly dress became not so much. It was AWFUL.

  2. Ugh sounds likes every other horror story from that place!!


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