Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fitness Freak

I wanted to share a little update on my yoga adventure.

For starters, I have not given up yet--which says a lot because I am lay-zee. But there have been some setbacks, namely the holidays and our crazy social calendar as of late. I try to workout every other day, but I have gone 5 or 6 days with nothing. This totally sucks and I pay for it big time, but I get back on the horse.

We also don't have a great space in our house for me to practice. You are supposed to use a rubber mat on a hard surface but our house is fully carpeted. It's really hard to balance without a sturdy surface underneath you (there was a lot of falling and cursing involved during this phase) and then it hit me:

Yup, that's my viewpoint from the kitchen. Ideal? No. But I work with what I got.

Since I'm wicked lazy about any type of exercise I had to find my motivation. When we booked our beach trip this summer with our friends (and some of the skinniest girls I know) that got me moving. I refuse to be the beached whale come July.


The results have been slow but positive. I haven't lost any weight but I also haven't gained any and I can definitely see the start of muscles. But here's the kicker: I am crazy strong now! I opened a jar the other day without any help--yes, I was that weak beforehand-- and I can actually do push-ups. I made Mike go deadweight the other day and I pulled him like 10 feet. That boy is not petite.

It helps that my hubby is on a fitness kick now too, having since joined a hockey league. There is nothing but produce in our fridge. He's even volunteered to do the yoga with me, which probably won't be helpful because I'll be laughing the entire way through it.

I'm pretty proud of myself for sticking with it for this long! Now if I could only figure out how to "pull my belly button into my spine"....


  1. I'm envious that you are so motivated! Keep up the good work (for us both!) :)

  2. I will definitely try! You have to let me know how the classes go...I'm thinking I need to join up!


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