Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh God, please take my eyes, but not the sweater!

Mike and I went to my parent's house this weekend for an early Christmas celebration. My brother and Erinn were also there--the 6 of us are rarely together at the same time so it was sure to be a show.

When we were in West Virginia a few weeks back I came up with the idea of having a Secret Santa for ugly sweaters. It involved all 6 of us drawing a name of another family member and then purchasing a hideous Christmas sweater for that person. It was such a fun idea and we all had a great time shopping, even if some of us took it a little more seriously than others.

The rules for the contest were simple--you open the present with your name on it and you have to wear whatever was in the box when we went bowling that night. Didn't matter how ugly it was. And boy, were they ugly:

Dad's gift to Erinn

Mom made Mike's. Of course

Erinn had me. I hated her.

I had Mike and this made me lauuugghhh...
"My heart melts for you." Inappropriate when it's from your son-in-law.
Tis' the season! Love, your son.

It was so much fun and we had lots of laughs. Merry Christmas!

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  1. haha ... i just blogged and used your group shot. My bad. I didn't read your blog first ;) And don't lie. You loved your sweater.


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