Saturday, December 11, 2010

Making spirits bright

We finally got around to putting up our Christmas decorations last night. Shameful, I know.

To make the celebration even merrier we opened up the bottle of wine designated for our first Christmas together. This was a gift from Lauren as part of the "celebrate every holiday with wine" idea from my bridesmaids. I know it's still early but we'll be around family on Christmas day, so we decided to cheat on this one.

This bottle is definitely getting saved!

We have a fake tree (I'm allergic to real ones, shocker) so we unpacked it and got to trimming it with all the ornaments we've received over the years. I was really excited to finally unpack the ornaments Mike's mom gave us at my bridal shower, which all represent different aspects of a happy marriage.

My parents also gifted us with some new ornaments for our tree:
Oh yes, it lights up

First Christmas together!

We received another ornament from a wedding guest that I absolutely love and had to share:

Spitting image of the Possanza's

I never get tired of unwrapping all the ornaments and remembering when I received them and what the occasion was. Our tree may not be the fanciest out there but it's definitely filled with memories.

I also got a little crafty and made some letters to designate which stocking belonged to me and which was Mike's. I don't need Santa getting confused!

Thanks for the stockings Erinn!

Decorating definitely got us excited for Christmas--so glad we'll be able to spend it together for once!


  1. LOVE the Devon and Michael ornament - that is adorable.

  2. Oooh! I can see your Fiesta Mountaineer! :)


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