Friday, December 10, 2010

Tis' the season to be friendly

The visit from our neighbors earlier this week had us thinking: we’ve been living here over a year and we don’t really know the people that surround us! Sure, we can recognize most of them and even exchange an occasional wave, but is that really enough? What if I need a cup of sugar? What if Mike needs to borrow someone’s rake? I want to be friends with our block-mates.

So Mike and I made a decision: we are sending everyone on our block a Christmas card. I bought these the other day ($2.00 for 23 cards, what?)

 I signed each one ‘Happy Holidays!’ so as not to offend anyone and put our names and address at the bottom. Since we don’t know anyone’s name, Mike is going to place them in everyone’s mailbox during the day.

We don’t expect everyone to come running to our house, bearing cookies and telling us how much they appreciated our card. In fact, I’m certain some people will be downright creeped-out by our holiday gesture. But we’re crossing our fingers that it might bring a smile to someone’s face and maybe they'll send us a friendly note in return. Best case scenario, we make some new friends.

Because goodness knows I hate going to the store when I run out of sugar.

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