Thursday, December 30, 2010


Last night we went to see Stephen. Yes, that Stephen. Our friends Val and Blaine came along for the ride and I didn't have to work today. Game on!

The night started rough--Mike and I are both sick and Val called to say she was stuck in traffic. We made it just in time to get the last table. Our waitress was so very awful. And some guy named Javier was the opener.

Javier wasn't that bad but he sounded a lot like a teenage girl. Even a duet with Stephen himself couldn't save him:

Our camera takes awful pictures. You've been warned.

Then came Stephen. Bliss.

They were so good, of course. Seeing them with Val made it even better because I could look over and she was laughing at the same jokes and singing along with me.

No flashes allowed but I still tried to capture the night:

This one was tough because the night definitely didn't suck--

We were treated to a delicious mix of songs, including some holiday hits:

It was a great night with lots of laughs with good friends. It's funny how after countless times seeing this band, every time is different and we bring new memories away from it :)

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