Sunday, December 26, 2010

"It's Christmas!"

We traveled to Northern Virginia on Thursday to celebrate our first Christmas together.

We stayed with Mike's family where the house was beautifully decorated for the holiday:

How cute are young Lauren and Mike?!

I fully intended to capture all sorts of Christmas moments during the four days we spent together, but somehow my camera kept landing here:

Can you blame me? She is way too cute.

Christmas Eve came and we went to a beautiful mass and a delicious dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

On Christmas morning we were awoken by the playing of the bells--I needed to be woken up on Christmas---how old am I getting? Santa was way too good to us again this year. We got all types of goodies--so many that we couldn't fit them all in the car for the ride home!

Abigail must have been very good as well because she got lots of fancy gifts, some of which required lots of assembly:

Maddux was not amused.

Later in the day we visited my parents. Grandma Teddy was there, which meant lots of funny stories. Like when I opened up new placemats and she insisted that Mike and I take this picture:

Or when Mike opened up a bag of notoriously spicy chips and she insisted on trying one, despite our protest:

My parents were also way too good to us. Christmas definitely did not suck.

When we arrived back at Mike's family's house I was greeted by Ms. A modeling her new hat from Aunt Devon and Uncle Trey.

We had a lot of fun spending time with our families and were happy to beat the snow home! Hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday!

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  1. The hat looks fabulous on her! And yay for Chinese - we had it on the 23rd ;-)


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