Saturday, May 29, 2010

When My Two Loves Collide

There is another man in my life, and his name is Stephen Kellogg.

A little explanation needed?

Stephen Kellogg is a singer who Val and I first saw at a coffee shop in 2002. Instant love. Eventually he gathered other band members (The Sixers) and we've been following them ever since.

They are ammmaazzziinggg. We've seen them more times than I can even count. The one band we still actively go to see 8 years later, which says alot considering our history of following bands as teenagers. I wish I could describe their live shows: the music, the humor, the energy. You just have to see it for yourself.

Which brings me to last night. Stephen was playing at Friday Cheers, a concert series held on the James River downtown. It had been over a year since I'd seen the Sixers and they were literally in my backyard! I needed to go.

Now, my wonderful husband is well aware of my love for Stephen. He's even seen him once before and had a great time. So, we decided to go to the show together last night.

What a view for a concert, right? And it only cost us $2 each.

The weather was not good but we soldiered on. And my oh my, was it ever worth it. They aren't the most well-known band, but have definitely grown in popularity since the first time I saw them. They used to play really small shows but recently played a really large club in D.C. and I don't care for that. So seeing them play to a crowd of about 40 was just fine by me!

(Doesn't the camera on my phone take killer pictures?)

Let's get it straight; I love Mike with all my heart. But it is very hard not to relapse into the 16 year-old who still swoons over boys with guitars. When the band started I was calm...and then my foot started tapping. I tried to fight it, but my shoulders started swaying as the hits kept coming.

The rain started to come down but we were not deterred. The Sixers kept rocking and a goofy grin appeared on my face. Mike was having a great time and God knows I was. One of the many reasons I love this band is that they have the same energy for a crowd of 50 as they do for 4,000 and it was in full effect last night.

45 minutes into the set I was starting to mouth a few of the lyrics--you know; still playing it cool. But 20 minutes later I could no longer contain it and I was full on singing and rocking out...I wanted to be embarrassed, but I wasn't. It's the real me. And Mike saw it. And he didn't leave!

Looks like I found a rock star of my own :)

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