Thursday, December 23, 2010

And the award goes to...

Last year I declared 2009 as the best year of my life. So many things changed for the better: we got engaged, we bought a house, I moved out of the ‘hood. Things were definitely on the up and up.

Yet, as we near the close of December I have to retract that title and award it to 2010. Hands down, this has been the best year of my life. These past 12 months have been absolutely insane and have completely flown by, but sweet heavens has a lot gone down.

It’s been such a great year that I feel the need to recognize the most memorable moments:

Concert of the Year:

Mike and I both love going to concerts and we actually frequented quite a few during this busy year. My favorite was definitely the Something Corporate reunion show at the 9:30 Club back in August. We had a great spot by the bar, we went with awesome friends and reminisced about our younger days. Not to mention So Co was incredible. All the elements for a great concert!

Baby of the Year:

Several babies came into our life this year, but the arrival of our niece Abigail in August is the winner (by a landslide!) The minute Mike and I saw her we were smitten and it’s only getting worse. Honorable mentions to Lauren and Chris for bringing this little angel into the world!

Picture of the Year:

We took a lot of pictures this year. Tons. Pictures for our engagement, our wedding, the honeymoon, other people’s weddings, holidays, trips with families or friends--the list goes on. But this is definitely my favorite:

Hearing that Mike and I were officially married will forever live in my memory, but it’s pretty special to have a picture of that exact moment.

Wedding of the Year:

You think I’m gonna pick our wedding, don’t you? Incorrect. Don’t get me wrong; our wedding was amazing but it was a complete blur. We didn’t get to experience and appreciate all the elements like you do when you’re a guest, which is why my vote goes to one of the other numerous weddings we attended in 2010. Best Wedding goes to Kyle and Emily and their epic wedding in June.

My reasoning:
1) We love Kyle and Emily. Totally awesome couple.
2) It was in Boston. Great city.
3) They had an 80’s band. That should be reason enough.
4) We didn’t have to do anything except enjoy ourselves.

After months of planning for our own nuptials, it was such a relief to just be a guest. We weren’t worried about being in the bridal party, I wasn’t taking note of details that I wanted to include in our wedding. We just went, partied and hung out with some great people.

Outfit of the Year:

People, did you see me in my wedding dress? I looked good.

Meal of the Year:

No surprise this one goes to Sticky Rice on April 18th, the day after our wedding and right before we left for St. Lucia. All our friends and family had left and we stood amidst the chaos of our unpacked suitcases. Mike looked around, glanced at me and said “Wanna go to The Rice?” It was just me and him--husband and wife—in sweatshirts and jeans and our shiny new rings. Couldn’t have asked for anything more at that moment.


Trip of the Year:

Lots of plans meant lots of traveling. We flew 3 times this year, which I had only done once or twice in my life before. I can’t count how many times we traveled back and forth to Northern Virginia and we visited Boston twice in 3 months.

Our honeymoon in St. Lucia is the obvious winner. I’d never been out of the country before and St. Lucia is freaking gorgeous. We spent a week doing absolutely nothing and any place that serves up hot sun and cold drinks is always going to take first place with me.

Husband of the Year:

Well, duh :)

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