Sunday, October 3, 2010

"What am I eating?"

This weekend we went to my parent's house. Mike hasn't spent alot of time in Manassas so I made sure he got the full experience.

My brother and sister-in-law were in town Friday night, so it was in full force when we arrived. Lots of loud talking and gesturing and food and drinks the minute we walked in. I received two giant bags of Halloween goodies which will be discussed later this week.

After dinner we played 'Greedy'--an amazingly frustrating dice game.

More loud talking and accusations of cheating. Lilo wisely kept to herself.

The next day my brother and Erinn left town and I took Mike to the Manassas Fall Jubilee to get the full experience of my hometown. Let's just say it was memorable:

Saturday night we all cooked and ate for hours on end (and by "we" I mean everyone cooked--I just ate.) Not your average food, though. Heaven forbid we do that. Mike cooked his delicious spring rolls and sushi for everyone, but when we were grocery shopping he found something he couldn't resist:

Conch. Which we had on our honeymoon and it was yummy. But I did not know it once looked like this:

Eventually it was fried and in Mike's defense, it was pretty great tasting.


My Dad made some delicious eggplant, but decided he wanted to pull out the big guns and do something with this disgusting mess:

Yes, it's octopus. I wanted to run away. It cooked for what seemed like hours. My mom and I were terrified. Mike was salivating.

Final result? Surprisingly not bad. I think I was more afraid of it than anything else.

Chainsaw Chix and octopus? I think Mike got the full Manassas experience.

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  1. I can't wait until your return many other species to enjoy! Sorry we didn't stomp grapes, that would have mild compared to the octopus!


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