Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mr. Greenjeans

Yesterday was not my finest hour. I felt junky all day and couldn't wait to get home and just sit on the couch. This was made alot harder when I pulled into the driveway and my car suddenly wouldn't shift out of 'drive.' Lots of cursing and frantic calls and we were soon dropping it off at the dealership. By the time we got home I was now exhausted and cranky.

I was such a bad wife I didn't even remember Mike had been out all day working on the backyard. What was once a dusty, dying, blank slate has new life!

First we have some zebra grass, which should grow to be really big and beautiful--

Hopefully it will fill up this empty space next to the deck!

Then he planted these gorgeeeoouussss mums. I love mums so much and they are almost guaranteed to survive the winter.

This is the other side of the deck with the same plants. Doesn't everything look better even with just a fresh layer of mulch?

Oh and what's this?! NEW GRASS? Growing in 'the dead zone'?!

Amazing. It makes me so happy to see this every time I go outside! We have big plans for the rest of the yard and it's totally inspired me to get started on projects within the house.

Now we just have to manage to keep the squirrels away from the plants!

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