Thursday, September 30, 2010

In the middle of our street...

We closed on our house a year ago today. It's crazy how many milestones we're hitting lately!

I wish I could tell you our house has seen dramatic makeovers. I want to tell you we live in a perfectly decorated home that is always spotless. But that would be a lie.

We've made some progress--we've completely changed the living room and kitchen around since we moved in. But I'm gonna give it to you straight; we haven't done much else with the house. The truth is, this year has flown by and we had other projects to focus on--like getting married. And then we had a crazy busy summer and things like painting/organizing/unpacking didn't seem so important.

Ready for reality? Here is what our house currently looks like, no editing/tidying-up involved:


Not too bad. Semi-presentable.

Jealous of our white Ikea curtains? No excuse for why there isn't more decoration in this room. Just don't have any motivation yet.

I have plenty of ideas for projects within the house. The remnants of them can be found upstairs:

We aren't perfect and neither is our house. Sometimes I get really antsy about not having everything in its place and then I remember we have years to figure it all out.

Sometimes our house might look like a mess, but it's our mess. God bless it.

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