Sunday, September 19, 2010

Takin' it back to the 90's

Getting old is tough. I realized that this weekend.

HFStival started at 11:00. We got there at 2:00. When I was younger, I would have been at those gates the minute they opened, but things change--and traffic was terrible. Seriously Baltimore, what the heck?

All of the bands playing were big in the 90's/early 2000's: Lit, Everclear, Fuel to name a few. The whole day was filled with "Oh, I totally forgot about this song!" The thing is, some of these bands should have been satisfied with being popular back then. We arrived in time to see Fuel, who I used to really like. They were not great this time. Lots of swearing and loudness. And the singer had CRAZY EYES:

Two acts really surprised me: Presidents of the United States of America and Naughty by Nature. Was I expecting to enjoy either of them? Nope. Did I dance around to 'Lump' and 'Hip Hop Hooray'? You bet I did.

I was pretty excited to see Everclear. THEY. WERE. AWFUL. The singer forgot the words to songs and sounded like he was gargling nails. Shameful.

Maybe it's because I'm not a teenager anymore, but the whole day just felt off. I was so glad we had seats because the lawn scared me with all the hooligans on it. People were loud and obnoxious--some guy called me 'Barbie with the Black Nails' --p.s. I did not have black nails--and $9 for a G&T? C'mon!

I do feel like experiences like this will give me an advantage when we have kids and they want to go to a concert. I know what goes on at these things and I'll have no problem telling them they cannot get a body piercing in a sketchy booth in the middle of the venue.

There were some upsides to the day. We saw BILLY IDOL:


Awesome right? So out of place but it was cool to see him. He went through 3 wardrobe changes--such a diva. The advantage of these festivals is that you see bands you would normally never buy tickets to.

The night ended with Third Eye Blind.

That place went nuts for 3EB. Can't blame them. They're just so good.


HFStival was over at 11:00 pm. We were all tired and had headaches. On the way home we sat on 495--without moving--for an hour. I got to my parent's house at 2:00 am. It was miserable!

The day was fun but it definitely made me realize I'm not cut out for that lifestyle anymore. I still love going to concerts; just not ones where I might walk away with an empty bank account and a regrettable body piercing!

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