Friday, September 24, 2010

New Friend

I was reading another blog the other day about a woman who suddenly realized her husband was her best friend when it hit me. I know it sounds silly. I know I'm supposed to love Mike, but I actually really like him too. Does that make any sense?

We were friends first and that friendship never went away. At our wedding Mike's best man Weston put it perfectly when he said that whenever you're around us, it seems like we're in our own world, just laughing. Pretty sure no one else will ever get in on the joke. We're a little ridiculous.

And let's face it: I like attention. But so does Mike. So he has no problem tearing up a dance floor or belting out a karaoke tune or two:

We had such a blast when we went to Something Corporate and the two of us sang and danced all night long. My shoulders were sore from him playing air drums on them all night long though...

In short, I really like being Mike's friend. Even if he wasn't so darn cute.

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